nyc personalized running tour

Our PERSONALIZED RUNNING TOURS offer the busy runner the option of running any time, any place, and any distance. If you need to run before the sun comes up, we can too! If you don't know your way around the city we will pick you up/drop off at your hotel and even ride the subway with you. These tours are perfect for:

  • BUSINESS TRAVELER - fit your daily run in while sticking to the schedule of the day.

  • RUNNER IN TRAINING - stay on course with your training regardless of miles and pace. Our team will make sure you do not lose stride for your upcoming race.

  • FAST RUNNER - if you are looking to run your everyday pace and would like to run more with less stops.

  • SLOWER RUNNER - if you are afraid that you will slow the group down and would like to stop and enjoy the sights.

City Running Tours offers pick-up and drop-off from any location within city limits, photos and water during the tour. Choose to run more/stop less or stop more/run less and we will accommodate your request.

The cost of a personalized running tour is $60 for a run up to 3 miles and $5 for each additional mile per person. Children 12 and under are free!

See below for our recommendations. 


first timer to the city or those HERE FOR A SHORT VISIT...

The Brooklyn Bridge and Central Park are some of the most iconic running destinations in the country, and an absolute must if you have never run them! Give us 4, 5 or 6 miles and we can give you a great tour of lower Manhattan including both the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridge, or an in depth, insiders tour through many iconic locations of Central Park. Give us 8 or more miles and we will provide a tour that includes both the bridge and the park. 

I've already run over the bridge and through the park...

Great, so now you can see what makes New York the greatest city in the world. Little Italy, Chinatown and Greenwich Village are perfectly intertwined to show what early 20th-century city life was really like. The Financial District and Soho provide spectacular architecture and views, and have become some of the hippest neighborhoods in Manhattan. Staying in Times Square? An early morning through the theater district is a must, all while beating the crowds. 4-8 miles are recommended for each of these great routes. 



run like a local (with a local)...Brooklyn! Queens! harlem!

If you are a regular to the city and looking for a route that is more off the beaten path allow us to take create an experience through the boroughs where the locals live, that's right...where we live! Harlem, Washington Heights, Brooklyn Heights, Williamsburg, Astoria, etc...these are some of the most authentic and electrifying neighborhoods in all of NYC. For a shorter mileage request we can create a focused neighborhood tour while a longer mileage will allow us to blend multiple destinations.